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Water Purity, Guaranteed!

Quality Water Purification Systems

Check out our diverse range of water purification systems including water filters, salt-free systems and ultraviolet sterilizers.

Water Purification in Southwest Nova Scotia & Annapolis Valley East and West

Everyone deserves clean water, free of contaminants. Novapure Water System Inc. takes pride in providing top-of-the-line water purification systems in Yarmouth, Annapolis Valley, Digby and Shelburne. We offer a complete range that meets your diverse requirements, including ultraviolet sterilizers and salt-free systems that offer immense reliability. With the owner having over 35 years of experience, we install water filtration systems on all kinds of residential and commercial properties. When carrying out the installation, we practice full attention to detail and offer the correct recommendations. If you're on the fence about installing a water purification system, we will come to your property and test your water free of charge. In addition to that, we service all popular makes and models to optimize their functioning.


So, if you require water purification in Southwest Nova Scotia or Annapolis Valley, get in touch with us.

Our Products and Services

Water Filters & Filtration Systems - We supply and install fine-quality water filters that efficiently remove contaminants from your water and make it safe and potable, for drinking and other uses. Get more information.

Ultraviolet Sterilizers - Get state-of-the-art UV sterilizers that work effectively when it comes to water protection. Our products are budget-friendly and low-maintenance. Get more information.

The Novapure Difference

The owner has served countless clients over the past 35 years . When you choose us, you enjoy many benefits.

Expertise with experience: Years in the water business have given us an understanding of client requirements and the ability to meet them successfully.


Large inventory: We provide a wide range of products, which means we have something for everyone. All our products have up-to-date technology.


Reliable quality: All of our products are designed to provide you with dependable and long-lasting solutions. With us, you rest assured of water purity.


Fast and honest services: From water testing, to water purification or filtration, we are committed to meeting your needs quickly and efficiently.


Knowledgeable team: Our skilful team has the expertise in providing hands-on services. We strive to ensure you get the product that you need.


Professional service: We are always transparent with information, and are professional about our services, products as well as prices.

Get Your Water Tested Today, For Free! 

Novapure Water System Inc. provides reliable water testing in Southwest Nova Scotia and Annapolis Valley. If you suspect a bad taste, smell or cloudy-look in your water, it can be a sign of contamination. Also, if you face regular plumbing issues, your clothes have stains after washing, or there are recurring stomach-related health issues, you should contact us for a free water test immediately.

Young Caucasian woman stand at home kitchen drink clean pure still mineral water from glass for body refreshment.

Taste the Difference

We take orders for water filter and filtration systems, for residential and commercial properties.

Water filters. Carbon cartridges and a glass on a blue background. Household filtration system

Safe, Clean, Pure Water

Our ultraviolet sterilizers come with the latest technology to ensure you always consume safe water.

water purification products

Find the Right Product

Our experienced team will help you find the right water purification system for your requirements.

No Interest, No Payments Until 2024!

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